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Le Roi Danse'

A modern reinterpretation of the origins of classical ballet and the courts of Louis XIV. Captured by London based fashion photographer Mark Philip Simpson.

 Featuring designers JACQUEMUS, Stephen Jones Millinery Grant-James Povey National Theatre Archive, Vivienne Westwood, Capezio and more.

'Love Me. Love Me Not. '

A supernatural desire of unrequited affection.Inspired by the petal picking love scene from the famous romantic ballet, Giselle. 

Our beautiful DANCER/model Adrianna Berwet is styled in romantic- retro looks.

Photography by Corinna Luce. Styling from Steven Reilly. Make up, Maisie Caen-Reilly and Hair, Viola Daus

'Homme Plisse Issey Miyake - Springs Series 2017'

Mode & Motion's co-editor Jack Thomson captures the new Homme Plisse Issey Miyake Spring Series, Shunga Collection.

Following the successful performances at the London store launch. Featuring Stephen Quildan & Jordan Ajadi.

'Still Rising' - Featuring Phoenix Dance Theatre 

Featuring the current female dancers of the Phoenix Dance Theatre, Jack aimed to capture the spirt of celebration that was surrounded the company, as it marked it 35 year anniversary. 

Dancers - Ana Fernandez Melero, Candela Murillo, Carmen Vazquez Marfil, Vanessa Vince-Pang, Marie Astrid Mence and Natalie Alleston.

Photography by Jack Thomson.

'Modes to Act '

Featuring  Dancer/Model Cree Barnett Williams subtly exploring the codes of identity, gender and performance. 

Clothing includes, J.W Anderson, Vintage Martin Margiela and Tom Ford. 

Photography by Mark Phillip Simpson.

Styling by Emma Simmonds Hair Stylist: James Wilson Make Up: Laura Magennis.

'BEST BEFORE 09/2016'

Is high street clothing been consumed faster than we can digest it? The end of September brings  London Fashion Week, this landmark in the fashion calendar mark's the expiry date of last years trends and designers, so it seems eating and dressing up is 'BEST BEFORE 09/2016'.

'Not Divided Below The Waist'

Photographer: Kay ChoudriKumar, Designers: Jamie Elwood (skirts) & Lukas Neo.  Stylist: Ioanna Kr                    Art Direction: Michael Peter Johnson

'Yin & Yang - A Dance Saga'

Photographer: Vikash Kumar Singh
Models: Precious Adams & Paloma Gavalda Ruz
MUA: Kyriaki Aronis
Designer: Agnes Mira Rose 
Stylist: Amer Macarambon

'Focus In Touch'

‘Focus In Touch’ was not weighted by a preconceived result, it was plainly just a fashion and dance experiment. 

It all came from one question ‘What does it feel like to dance with someone?’.

Photographer and dancer/model improvise to capture the art of dancing with someone.



Reimagined Campaign's pairs 20th century legends of dance with the fashion campaigns of today. 

100 Years of Motion in British Vogue

Curated by Mode & Motion, this digital exhibition shows how dance, movement and motion has enriched and moved the pages of Vogue over 100 years.

'Business is Brutal'

By photographer Jack Thomson, Business is Brutal, is a photo essay that lives between the brutality of the business world and fantasies of fashion. 

Featuring clothing from Issey Miyake and DANCER/Models from across the world.

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